JustSpirulina began at Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium in Tel Aviv, where high school students led by their principal Dr. Ze’ev Degani, asked themselves what they could do to better the world.

They decided that in a world in which there is enough food to go around, no one should be undernourished. They focused on Spirulina and found that it is the richest nutritional source nature has to offer. They studied it and learned that due to its high costs it is available mostly to those who are privileged.

After research and experiments they arrived at a growing protocol that is scientifically sound, simple, cheap and easily adaptable to different environments. Next, they set out to pass this knowledge to teenagers at other schools.

JustSpirulina aims to form a “chain of nutrition”: every community or individual that gains this knowledge will make use of it, spread it to its local community, and then pass it to other communities and individuals in need.


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