Growing Spirulina in a Pool

    The culture medium in which Spirulina is grown should be approximately 30 cm tall. In less liquid Spirulina cannot reach its required density; in more liquid Spirulina at the bottom of the pool will not be exposed to sunlight and die. If the pool is transparent (glass for instance) it can be any height as sunlight will be able to reach all the Spirulina.

    The pool can be built using a variety of materials. It needs a construction – a frame which can be made of wood, metal, even sacks filled with sand or soil, and lining for which greenhouse nylon can be used as well as any sheet of rubber or HDPE (High-density polyethylene).

    A cover is needed to protect the Spirulina from rain, as rain will dilute the solution and alter the PH level needed. Any board will do, as well as palm leaves or the same sheets used for lining the pool.

    The pool should be cleaned from sediment every 6 months. When cleaning, culture medium containing Spirulina is transferred to another pool or basin or even pots and buckets, and then returned.

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