Jingying “Jing” Chen


Jing Chen provides analysis and recommendations of energy policy best practices as part of RAP's China team. Her research and outreach tailors international perspectives to the context of the clean energy transition in China, with a focus on energy market design.

Chen joined RAP in 2023 after completing her master's in civil and environmental engineering, with a concentration in atmosphere and energy. During her graduate studies, she acquired extensive knowledge of quantitative methods to solve real-world problems, including data analysis, energy system optimization and economic modeling. As part of a strategic economic project exploring electricity markets, Jingying assumed a leadership role, overseeing a simulated day-ahead energy market. She orchestrated key decisions to maximize profit, strategically selling energy, trading REC and forward contracts.

Jingying Chen earned a master’s degree from Stanford University. Before her graduate studies, Chen obtained her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, with a minor in climate change studies, from the University of California, San Diego. There she studied the underlying physics of renewable energy and projection methods.

In addition to English, Jingying is fluent in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese and is able to read and write in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.