Andreas Jahn

Senior Associate

As a senior associate in Berlin, Andreas Jahn focuses on issues relating to the German “Energiewende”, or energy transition, helping develop and advance regulatory options for a carbon-neutral power sector, including demand-side resources and tariff design. He also supports RAP’s work throughout Europe. Jahn has extensive experience with power markets and regulation, as well as knowledge of the German national political arena.

Prior to joining RAP, Jahn was responsible for all energy policy and regulatory matters as the director of regulatory affairs at lekker Energie, a German electricity and gas provider. Through his work as a senior expert for the Association of New Energy Suppliers, he gained valuable insight into political decision-making processes and legislative procedures. He was also a member of the Federal Ministry of Economics’ task force on legislation to implement grid regulation in Germany.

Andreas Jahn has extensive knowledge of the technical, environmental, and political aspects of energy markets through his degree in environmental science from Leeuwarden (Netherlands) and Bingen (Germany).

In addition to his native German, Andreas speaks fluent English and advanced Spanish.