JustSpirulina in Rwanda

JustSpirulina is collaborating with the Municipality of Kigali, FAO Rwanda and the NGO YaLa Africa in a project aimed at incorporating Spirulina in the school feeding scheme, thus providing it directly and easily to as many children as possible.

A Spirulina growing and training center has been established at Gatenga Health and Nutrition Center; Spirulina growing sites have been established at College St. Andre, Masaka Groupe Scholaire and Kimironko, where in October 2015 students from Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium in Tel Aviv trained students from these schools in Spirulina growing, harvesting and consuming.

In the course of 2016, a clinical study will be conducted at the nutrition center and at the schools, thereby providing much needed established data regarding the overall effects of Spirulina on malnourished children and mothers. The clinical study is the result of a collaboration between the Universities of Rwanda, Tel Aviv and Bern, Antenna Technologies, FAO Rwanda, Yala Africa and JustSpirulina.


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