Lesson 3

Growing Spirulina

After adding Spirulina to the culture medium – Spirulina should be provided with the conditions it needs in order to grow:

    The bottle containing the Spirulina should be placed in a lit area but not in direct sun light, especially during the first days, when the algae is still young.

    Every few hours (2-4) the bottle should be stirred in gentle circular motions so that the algae are evenly distributed and all of it exposed to light.

    Within a few days to a few weeks the Spirulina will raise the ph level of the liquid. When the level is 10-10.5 – the Spirulina has reached a level of stability and maturity that makes it ready for consumption and multiplication. Having said that, it is recommended to wait another week or so in order for the Spirulina to further strengthen. Another method to examine the algae’s maturity is the color of the liquid – which will become darker as the algae becomes stronger and richer.

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