Lesson 4

Increasing the amount of Spirulina

In order to consume Spirulina on a regular basis it needs to grow in quantity. In optimal growing conditions Spirulina multiplies itself every 24-48 hours. Every time Spirulina reaches stability and maturity (ph 10 and a dark liquid) – it is ready for multiplication.

    The liquid containing the algae is divided between 2 bottles.

    Culture medium is added to each bottle – the proportion should be 2/3 liquid containing Spirulina and 1/3 culture medium.

    The added culture medium and thinning of the algae will cause ph level to drop. In order to raise it again Spirulina should be taken care of as it was in the first steps – water, stirring and examining ph level. Within a few days to a few weeks ph level will again be 10-10.5 and the liquid a dark shade of green. Within another few days during which the algae will strengthen and mature   – it is ready again for multiplication and for consumption.

Lesson 4

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