Lesson 5

Consuming Spirulina

Spirulina can be consumed fresh – it is then at its nutritional best and is almost devoid of taste, or dried – a form that enables longer storage but has a distinct taste.

In any case, the first step is separating the algae from the medium culture in which it lives.

    A piece of cloth with high density fiber is used as filter.

The cloth is held over a bucket or any other basin that can collect the liquid in which the Spirulina lives. This enables reuse of the growing culture.

The green liquid that contains the Spirulina is poured on the cloth.

The liquid in the bucket or basin is returned to the bottle.

    The algae are squeezed of all liquid.

    The squeezed algae are rinsed in water so that the ph level is suited for human consumption – 7.

    The Spirulina is ready for consumption. In its fresh form it has the consistency of a mash or puree. It can be eaten as is with a spoon and it can be mixed with food (preferably non-cooked) or dissolved in a drink.

    Spirulina that is not consumed fresh can be dried – in the sun (for 2 days) or in an oven (16 hours at 40 degrees or 4 hours at 60 degrees – the lower the temperature the more nutritional value).

Lesson 5

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