Requirements and Equipment

Growing Premises

A small yard, balcony or roof – partially shaded, A window sill will do as well.

Growing Facilities

Empty, clear, soft drink bottles (at least 1.5 litre, 2 litre is more common in africa)

Pool or basin (only if establishing a center – see appendix 1, otherwise bottles are sufficient)

Quantity of bottles and measurements of pool depend on the number of people expected to consume the Spirulina (see appendix 2).


Spirulina is not “fussy” regarding the water it needs. This is due to the fact that at PH 10 in which it grows, Spirulina has no competitor, so even contaminated water will do as all parasites, germs and viruses will not survive. Excluding this is water containing heavy metals as Spirulina will absorb them.

There are a few possibilities: drinking water, brackish water, water from a natural body of water, rain water.

    Litmus paper or any other method for examining PH level

Can be found at school labs and at stores that sell aquariums.


Cloth is used as filter for separating the Spirulina from the culture medium in which it grows. Cloth density should be 50 micron in diameter. It is most often a product of the printing industry and can be found anywhere screen printing (the most basic method) is done. A sheet of silk can be used as well.


(See appendix 3)

Each component can be substituted with natural ingredients (see appendix 4).


At least the quantity of a test tube is required to begin with.

    Pump (optional)

The water in which the Spirulina grows needs to be stirred (see section C). This can be done manually or with a small pump (the simplest kind used for aquariums).

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